German Vocabulary Course (Free) -

German Vocabulary Course (Free)

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This course is specially designed for students who want to improve there German easily. Cartoons will function like memory triggers and  help to remember the newly learned words. Build up your vocab quickly and effectively. Every word is linked to a practical sentence, written and recorded by native speakers. Photographic visuals based on traditional flashcard methodology to consolidate your learning. 

See, hear and learn a word used in a sentence.

All aspects of life covered

  • Adjectives                            We would like you to know that, we started with the

  • Home - Bathroom               principle of equality in education. For many years, we

  • Home - Garden                   continue to produce contents with our highly

  • Home - Kitchen                   professional trainers.

  • Food

  • Health                                  You can reach us 24/7 on any subject you hang out

  • School                                  during the course.

  • Countries

  • Shopping                            Pls. note that education scores are really valuable for us.

  • Cars                                    We care to increase our quality day by day in line with

  • Railways                             the comments and scores we receive from our students.

  • Airport                                We would appreciate it if you put us on a fair evaluation

  • Animals                               after completing the course.

  • Post

  • Bank                                    See you in the course!

  • Expressions

  • Environment

  • On The Road

  • Sports

  • At The Doctor

  • Hospital

  • Careers

  • Sundry

  • Celebrations

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